It’s been a little bit since I have last posted.  While I was lost from the blogging world our kid’s have enjoyed Story time at our local library.  And we got ready for our churches invite a guest weekend.  Every year our church invites fellow member from our other churches throughout the US for a great time of fellowship of people of like minded faith.  This was our first year opening up our home to anyone and inviting them.  Guess what? I let my husband invite people I have NEVER met or talked to into my home…for a night!  Crazy to think in this day and age with the world the way it is that we could do that.  But our church whether it be our local church or one from another state we feel comfortable around them and trust them.  Anyhow, Alex is Evan’s cousin and he of course brought his wife and son.  His son Pierce is just a month older than Preston.  The kids all had fun.  We all got off of schedule so my kiddos were a little grouchy, but it all worked out.

The week of them coming I was an emotional roller coaster.  I was nervous, excited, and stressed about having guests. I was searching Pinterest for the perfect ideas about how to be a good host and so on.  I’m sure anyone who has had children or does have children can understand cleaning with them is like brushing your teeth with Oreos.  I just could not seem to get ahead.  And then I broke down.  Full panic attack mode.  The whole hyperventilating and all. =[  I managed to have Olivia get me a plastic bag.  (we didn’t have paper) and I calmed down.  For real people, mental illnesses are not a joke they are real things people fight with daily.  Whether it be depression, anxiety, anger, etc.  Evan told me one day  I needed to go to a third world country so the “little” things wouldn’t bother me so much.  I simply told him. I know.  BUT, while I’m sure it would put things in perspective for me, I do not think it would take away my depression or anxiety.  I tried to explain to him that I realize the things are insignificant and do not really matter, but it still gets to me no matter how much I tell myself that it isn’t a big deal.  I told him it’s like when you have a cold, you try to not cough so much, but sometimes you have to have a complete coughing fit to finally get whatever it is out of our chest.  That probably isn’t the best explanation, but it is all I could think of at the time.  Anyhow, Evan’s mother came over the Saturday they were to arrive to help us.  Thank goodness!  My Grandma watched the kids, and she helped clean.  We got it done in time.  Our guests arrived and we went to have a meal with all the other couples that invited other couples out.  It was a nice time.  Maybe one day we can travel out to the church that they traveled from.  I’m pretty introverted and the thought of new places and people scares me a bit, but knowing I would be with people who think like me makes it a little better!

Now I’ve made new friends and have a clean house (except the toy room and a couple loads of laundry, and need to remop).  Okay so maybe it’s NOT as clean, but better than what it was =] and I’m not as worried for next time we invite guests over night.

On another note, Preston slept from 10-7a last night with only waking up once and soothing himself back to sleep.  It probably was only a one time thing, but I needed it that night.  He’s cutting a couple more teeth.  A 3rd bottom tooth and a 3rd top tooth (molar). OUCH. He has also began to say  Pop Pop! PawPaw, up, Pup, and Dada.

Olivia’s swimmers ear cleared up after realizing she was allergic to the first eardrops she was prescribed, and had an inner infection that was just treated last week.  She was put on a zpack and steroids.  Her tonsils were and STILL are HUGE.  She goes to Dr. Jones, a chiropractor, tomorrow to see about some remedies from him and an adjustment.  At this point Evan and I have realized that probably sometime in March when she visits the ENT again that a tonsillectomy and ear tube placement may be in the near future. =[ We hope this is NOT the case, but if it is we pray this is the answer to her problems.  Everyone we have talked to that has had these procedures say they are glad that it was done.  So if we have to have this done for her I hope we can say the same.

Isabelle is a firecracker like normal.  Her new favorite saying it, “of course” meaning as in, “of course not” or “of course you can” on and on. haha.

Now that I have touched on a little bit of what’s been going on since my last post I better get to reading my kiddos a bedtime story and get their bedtime prayers said and hope we all get a great nights rest!

As always-