My “silly goose” kids

Alright so a little background on each of my blessings

Olivia– our OCD little sympathetic love bug (aka Liv, Livy, Livy lou).  This little girl is my saving grace. Literally, but that’s a long story for another time.  She is the first child and has all the symptoms of it.  She is the first grandchild on both sides, and first great grandbaby on my mothers side.  Spoiled to be exact.  She has the biggest heart of any child I have ever know.  You get hurt? She cries. Immediately at the word ouch.  It’s getting better now. Although any Disney movie she absolutely loses it on. She is a strong willed child. I mean if I tell her no for chocolate she will go about doing something else then find a way to get it anyhow.  And when I go to take it away she quick fights me to get one last bite then politely hands it over. haha. Can I blame her though? I mean its CHOCOLATE! She’s shy at first then a fireball when she warms up. She is a little mother hen to anyone and everyone. I cannot wait to see how much of an amazing mother she someday will hopefully get to be. This little girl barely talked at 18 months but could whip together a puzzle in NO TIME. Even with a broken collar bone.  She is a if there is a will there is a way child and I pray to God that we nurture that in a Christian way to where she can use it righteously as her God given talent. This isn’t even close to capturing the life of Olivia. Just a tid-bit.

Isabelle- oh our itsy bitsy, beany, beany bopper, izzy, izzybelle. Where to begin? This little firecracker is exactly that. Not a shy bone in her body.Started talking at 10 months and hasn’t taken a breath since then. She talks complete sentences and has full conversations with us and knows how to respond.  Very strong willed, maybe even more so than her older sister.  I am sure she will be our trouble maker.  She has ornery written all over her face all day everyday, but she always has that “but daddy please” face and gets away with everything. Spoiled, again to a T. She’s probably a little I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T…if you know what I mean….did you sing the song? haha. I sure did. She’s currently trying to potty train herself.  Also, if you don’t pray before you eat she will call you out on it and make sure you do. Closing your eyes and folding your hands and all!  Once again this does not even begin to cover the crazy life of Isabelle. Just a small excerpt of her.

Preston- Our first boy! When you say bundle of joy (other than our 2 precious girls) this is the exact wording for Preston.  Evan delivered all 3 of our children all with a big smile on his face, but nothing compared to the light in his eyes from his first little man.  At 4.5 months he is a smiley on the move little man.  Put him on the ground and he scooches (spelling error again) everywhere and pushes himself up and dives to get what he wants.  Determination at its finest.  The boy was born with country and farming in his blood and that’s exactly what we plan to show him.  His big sisters I’m sure will show him how to play with the tractors, and occasionally have a tea party or two.  He is another one of our cuddle bugs and would spend every waking moment nursing and being held if allowed to haha.

Evan– Yes I just included my husband.  He is my adult man child haha. Okay he’s my adult husband who I sometimes probably treat as a child.  I am a Christian sinner as I have said before and fail terrible the wife God truly wants me to be.  I listed him because I also cook for him, clean up his messes, and take care of him =] Plus I’m sure he will get a good giggle out of this if he ever read it! I love you hunny! But PICK UP your popsicle wrappers 😉

Stay tuned to this blog for updates on the days of laughs, tears, and tantrums!

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