Pineapple Day 

When you read the title of this post did it cross your mind with all the other useless “holidays” that today was Pineapple day? Well honestly I couldn’t tell you if it is or not. Haha but I can tell you that today was Pineapple canning day at my household. Quick, easy, and delicious. I have canned pineapple before, but today seemed to go so smooth. Maybe I forgot something? OH NO! I did. I forgot the pineapple. That’s how my Monday is going……….come on now. Did you really think I forgot the pineapple? I didn’t. Lol. I didn’t stress so much about my WHOLE kitchen being sanitized prior to canning. I made sure my current working surface was clean and my jars were sanitized. That made it go a lot smoother. DISCLAIMER always follow the USDA, FDA, your local extension office guidelines for proper food preserving. Just because I chanced it doesn’t mean you should too. Like I said I did clean where I would be working 🙂 safety first! 

Anyhow I found a sale for 2/$4 on pineapple a few days ago. While I have seen them cheaper in previous years it has been the cheapest I have found them this year. So I jumped on that deal. I sanitized 10 jars thinking 4 pineapple would fill that. Well 3 pineapple filled 9 pint jars perfect! I decided not to sanitize more jars for the last pineapple. We will just eat it fresh. Mmm. I’ll let you in on why and how you should preserve pineapple by waterbath canning. First find an awesome sale on some pineapple and find 100% pineapple juice. I bought a bottleof 32oz worth of pineapple juice it was organic and I paid just over $5 for it. That’s all the store had 😦 otherwise I would not have paid that much any other time. So keep an eye out for cheap 100% pineapple juice prior to canning. Once you have that prep all of your equipment. Full your canner with water and begin to hear it. Sanitize all your tools from your jars, ladle, jar grabber, knife, measuring cup, lid magnet, etc. Then in a pot put the jar of pineapple juice and add water to make it a 50/50 mixture. Heat it almost to a boil or boil it, but if you bring it to a boil do not continue to boil it. You want it to go into your jars hot so when you add your filled jars to the canner they do not bust from the temperature difference. Trust me it’s no fun to have a jar or more burst. And it’s a mess. Cut up your pineapple and put into your jars using your funnel. Pack them down leaning 1″ headspace. Once you’ve filled all your jars with the fruit add the pineapple and water mixture leaving 1/2″ headspace. Once all jars are filled with the liquid use a knife to get all the air bubbles out. After that you put on your kids and rings. Then slowly put them into your canner and once your canner begins to boil set your timer for 15 minutes and wait. 🙂 BEEP BEEP BEEP. Times up get those jars out of the canner and set on a towel on your counter. And DO NOT TOUCH THEM FOR 24 hours. Then wait for the magic to happen. PING PING. Your kids begin to seal. Such a marvelous sound to all my fellow canners :). A job well done. If some of your jars do not seal put them in the fridge and enjoy in the next day or two. And if they do seal put them in the pantry and when you’re ready to enjoy a pint place it in the fridge to cool prior to eating. Enjoy. :). 
–directions for pint jars in waterbath canner—

My oldest daughter and I love pineapple and she eats an entire pint by herself. And this takes maybe 30 mins if you prep right to do. So quick and easy and worth it. So if you decide to can pineapple I hope you enjoy your Pineapple Day even if it is a Monday 🙂 

Waiting for the PING