Ground floor opportunity

So if you were like me you’ve bounced around from one direct sales company to the next trying to find the best one. While I won’t argue, I am a direct sales addict, it was hard to find a perfect fit. I gave up and was in direct sale limbo for awhile. Then last year I searched for a ground floor opportunity. I somehow caught a glimpse of someone’s “be a founding member” post. When there was under 80 consultants! I quick checked into it and the kit was $29. I thought what’s a girl to lose? NOTHING! If it doesn’t work out I got some awesome products at a great price. So I took a leap of faith and signed up. I was consultant number 1177 (77th!) like I couldn’t believe I became one of those girls who got in so early. I quickly started posting to Amy buy/sell/trade group, direct sales groups, and my personal page. I set up a Facebook business page next. You know where that got me? To TEAM LEADER in 2 Days!! Before my kit even came in the mail. I was one awe. Do you realize how many months I worked another DS company to get just ONE team member? I worked one really hard couple week and I grew a team of like 15 (from my memory) in about 2 weeks!


My CEO would talk to me personally and comment on my Facebook. What other company does that?! I loved the family atmosphere it had! My last post was the day I joined. I’ve been eagerly waiting until now to post my success with this company. We are still less than 400 US consultants (we are also in Australia). Guess how many of those consultants are on MY team? 165! I have made so many friendships it has truly been a blessing. I am now a Director and so close to Senior Director with the company! I also have girls under me who are directors! It has been a fun ride. And I LOVE getting to spoil myself with our products.

Oh side note——ALL of our products are HANDMADE!!!! So that makes us super unique!

So if you’re looking for a #groundflooropportunity #familyatmosphere #newdirectsales company follow This link and check out all of our products/kits (free, $29, & $99) and get ahold of me if you need any help. I would LOVE to have you on my growing team and see YOU at the top of the company too! At this point in the game it’s so easy to grow a team! God bless and have a great day!

#plumeriabath #handmadegetpaid #loveyourtub

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