Direct sales opportunity

Are you in direct sales or interested in them? I have been the last few years. I’ve enjoyed it, but I’ve managed to get into the big direct sales companies where it’s hard to get to the top. Recently I’ve searched for a company that I like the products with and one that’s ground floor. I am now a founding consultant for Plumeria. We are a natural bath and body product MLM company. I am looking to grow my team. We currently have less than 80 consultants! How crazy is that?! Imagine if you would’ve been one of the first 100 in Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Tupperware, etc. did you know most women who make over $100,000/yr income work in direct sales? Do you want to be a stay at home mom and still help pay bills? Work hours that YOU choose? You are essentially your own boss and an entrepreneur. You can join Plumeria for as little as $29! You can do in home and Facebook parties! Can’t beat making money and not even leaving the house. My goal is to have at least one consultant on my team in each state in the US. If any of the above mentioned sounds good to you don’t miss this rare opportunity to join a MLM company at a ground floor level with us about to explode in growth. Join my team at first 10 to join by December 31st will be entered to win a CASH prize! It’s a win/win all around.