Are we there yet?

Hi everyone!

Wow a lot has happened since my last post. Along with getting over hand foot and mouth from previous post my children also got chicken pox. We managed. But that was a long month and a half. Isabelle has started gymnastics and just like her big sister she loves it. 

In other news the weather here has been nice lately. Especially for November. Still not a big fan of the time change, but I’ll manage. 

Some of my favorite things right now are the little kicks of Schlatter baby #4 and my instant pot. Seriously you NEED an instant pot. Maybe some day soon I’ll make a post if my instant pot adventures. 

Anyhow I labeled my post are we there yet because this week needs to end quick. Yesterday I found out one of my grandpas is in the hospital again for heart issues, I have a doctor appointment, a Sole Hope party, and a massage. I have to manage to grocery shop, take my kids to church alone, clean my house, and somehow stay sane. 

I will also make another post about sole hope. It seems pretty awesome. Some friends and family are going to begin to make shoes for children in Uganda. This really tugs on my heart for a specific reason which I hope I can share with you soon. However my timing, my husbands timing, and God’s timing are all different. Visit and check out what they are all about. I’m sure if you had your own sole hope party you’d have a great time!  Anyhow let me know if you’ve stopped by. Want to hear how you all are and what you’ve been up to :). 

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