Booster seats and diseases

Hello all! 

I really need to get better at writing on here. Since the last post I have taken a fast paced EMT course. I worked hard, stayed up late reading and studying, and I PASSED. The NREMT was a bear to take, but I made it and now a nationally registered EMT basic that is licensed in Ohio. I’m super excited. I have been on one run so far. Would have been more but,,,,,,,,,,,,,hand foot and mouth has hit our household. 😦 while I feel my children have gotten the more mild cases, it’s still a nasty virus. Let me run you through how our previous week has been. Last Saturday early A.M I think around 1 A.M I awoke to Preston with stridor again. If you don’t know what stridor is it is a high pitched wheezing noise that is made from your airway swelling shut. I woke Evan up and said here we go again and I rushed him off to the ER. Praise be to God this time it wasn’t as bad as last time or worse than last time. This time he only received one shot and one breathing treatment and was sent home, but still a super scary moment. A few days later I finally convinced Evan to go to the ER to have his chest pain of 4 days to be checked out. Thankfully again it turned out to be benign. The next night I held Isabelle right before bed and she felt warm. While I talked to her I noticed a spot on her tongue. I proceeded to ask her to open up and say “ahh” she did. And I got a nice view of white patches in her cheeks and sores in the back of her throat. Oh no I thought. I called “call a nurse” from a hospital a county a way. I love that service. So helpful. She informed me it was probably strep and to monitor the fever and get her into the doctor within 24 hours. Well I’m a paranoid mother and I worried she had the fever and spots earlier that day and I just hadn’t noticed and I was worried I wouldn’t get into the doctor office the next morning anyhow so off the the ER we went. The tested her for strep which was negative.  Which was good, but by this time I noticed another symptom. A spot on her lip. I asked if it was hand foot and mouth and the ER Doctor said possibly but I would just have to wait and see. Sure enough the next day she had more spots. Now I’m really concerned. This virus is ridiculously contagious and for a long time to boot. 7-10 days your child can be contagious. And of course I knew each of my kids wouldn’t get it at the exact same time. I figured we’d be contagious 3 weeks with how it would stairsstep between them. Well here we are on a Monday from a previous Wednesday and I still see new sores on Isabelle’s feet. Eventually there will be light at the end of the tunnel I just don’t have a glimpse of it yet. Thankfully all of the kids have ate and drank fine even with the mouth sores. Other children aren’t as lucky. I’ve heard from others their children couldn’t eat or drink. Poor babies. I did however give them each seperate baths every night of the following:

  • Bentonite clay
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Epsom salt
  • Coconut oil
  • Thieves essential oil 
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Tea tree essential oil 
  • Purification essential oil
  • Frankincense essential oil

That’s the only things I have done and I’m wondering if that didn’t take away the pain factor. As it didn’t take away the sores or stop them, they look like they should be painful but they aren’t to them. 
I am hoping and praying for them to it be contagious and back to normal ASAP. Poor Olivia spent her 4th birthday today with this nasty disease. To try and make her day better, since I couldn’t have her party I moved car seats and set up her booster seat and we all had a picnic with daddy while he was working. She loves being able to be in a booster seat now. And she’s so thrilled to be 4! My babies are growing too fast. 

On another note my quail started laying eggs yesterday. I can eat them without feeling sick!!! I haven’t been able to eat eggs in like 1.5-2yrs! And I love eggs! I also did some research on the quail egg cure. Seriously look into it! Each of my kids had a raw quail egg in OJ for breakfast this morning and loved it. I’m hoping it will help heal them quicker. And before you judge me for giving my children raw quail eggs they don’t carry salmonella and the research behind consuming raw quail eggs is baffling. Seriously google it. You’ll want to try it! Anyhow that’s our life right now! Hope to update you soon with more exciting news that involves happy healthy news! God bless you! And go wash your hands after reading this–hand foot and mouth is terribly contagious. Haha