Honeymoon Pictures

img_2118line at customs at the Cancun airportimg_2121ng on our room

img_2123this was a beautiful waterfall in the background, unfortunately not a great picture of it

we stayed and Ocean Maya Royale Riveria Maya.  We plan to go back…hopefully next year =]

img_2144These creatures were all over down there along with some deer and raccoons. These guys were called Coaties (spelling?)img_2145Evan didn’t find the hammocks as comfortable as I did. hahaimg_2146-1img_2124-1Iguanaimg_2147-1This was a lagoon from a river that emptied into the ocean about a 20 minute beach walk from our hotel.  IT was BEAUTIFUL.  Once again, pictures do no justice for this place. Evan also talked to a pilot from Spain in this lagoon.  It’s crazy who you meet.img_2148-1Dinner at the fancy restaurant “Blue Moon”.img_2140Love this manimg_2141

This is a picture I took underwater at the lagoonmirandas phone 206mirandas phone 207Right in the door to Tulum. This guide in the yellow shirt plays Olympic Water Polo. He told us he played in the Toronto 2014 Olympics.  He was our driver and tour guide for alltournative toursmirandas phone 208Mayan ruinsmirandas phone 209We were told these ruins used to be painted.  You probably can’t see in the picture but there are red flakes left on this ruinmirandas phone 210Tulum is in the top 20 beaches in the world. Sadly it was too windy for us to be allowed to walk the beach that day.mirandas phone 211From here on our please ignore our faces and focus on the backgrounds. hahamirandas phone 212mirandas phone 222mirandas phone 223mirandas phone 224mirandas phone 225mirandas phone 226mirandas phone 227mirandas phone 228mirandas phone 229mirandas phone 230mirandas phone 231mirandas phone 232mirandas phone 240mirandas phone 243mirandas phone 244mirandas phone 245mirandas phone 246Last night Pier stop before we left. Want to know what happened? Walked clear to the end and a CROCODILE quickly SWAM into the water.  He was resting on some rocks RIGHT AT THE END of the pier. We were a little scared at first, but Evan wanted to give me a hug and I simply stated, “NOPE! I’m DONE” And quickly walked off of the pier and back onto the hotel grounds. I was NOT going to be crocodile soup a few hours before returning to my children.  It was a lovely view and the sound of the waves were relaxing…..for the mere 10 seconds we were at the end of the pier until the crocodile decided to ruin that. With that being said STILL GO!

mirandas phone 247

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