Books & Smells

Let me ask you a question. Does your library bring a BUS full of books to YOU? Well, mine does! My awesome county library does not only have 4 libraries in the county-they also have the Bookmobile. BEST THING EVER!! They stop on Wednesday 1 mile from my house at a community park for 1/2 an hour.  Which is getting bumped up to 45 minutes in September. Check out their facebook page.  My girls love it! Don’t get me wrong I love going to our local library too, its just some days its nice to have it so close to home oh and a quick stop =] I dread telling my girls they have to leave the library.  Where with the bookmobile I just say we have to go so they can get to their next stop.  It’s awesome of them to go to different communities and areas.  Especially for kids and adults who cannot get the their local libraries easily, or do not have the transportation. So kudos to you Paulding County Library and the bookmobile! Also thank you for the awesome “baby bag” full of goodies! I appreciate it! (see picture below)

My girls loved playing with the marble races! We also made sure to check out our books and keep our receipts to be entered into a drawing for a prize!

Okay so now that I’ve let you in on my love for our libraries and our little trip there. I will now tell you what happened after.

Once we were home we had some quick time to play outside before naptime.  I then brought all of the kids in and told the girls it was time to take their naps so we could go to Chief after their naps.  They love going to chief because they always get a free cookie there. They are good sized cookies that keep them occupied during the shopping trip.  Well a couple weeks ago Evan found some of my OLD adidas perfume and put in on the girls.  They love getting perfume like mommy does. Although I wear another scent now.  Anyhow he left it in there room.  While I was sitting down starting this blog–that I now am finishing about an hour later. Their room was suspiciously quiet.  For some dumb reason I thought they fell asleep right away. Rather than their normal coming out of their room 928357938274983 times before actually staying in bed.  Then it hit me.  Literally hit me.  This heavy memory.  And I thought why in the world am I remembering that. And I thought I can even remember the smell of that memory. It’s so real. Then it hit me again–wait a minute–I really AM smelling that.  I go into their room to find Olivia in Isabelle’s bed with her dousing her with this perfume.  Ladies and possibly gents–this was no slight smell.   It was Jr. High girl after gym class smell and amount of perfume being spraying in that bedroom.  I took the bottle and told them to go to sleep.  After leaving the room I came back out the computer.  Then……….drumroll please………………..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Screams Olivia. Like I’m dying please save me screams and wails.  Well it didn’t take me more than .0000009 of a second to realize it was in her eye and rushed her into the bathroom to flush out her eye.  She was so distraught she wouldn’t hold still for me to flush it well enough.  I quick called Poison Control.  These people are always super nice and ALWAYS call me back to check. =] Anyhow, he told me I needed to put her into the tub and run water over her head to let it run down her forehead to help flush it out.  So I told Olivia I’m going to have to give you a shower.  She usually loves showers. You know the kind that she looks up to the ceiling and NO water goes over her eyes.  Well clearly that wasn’t going to be the case with shower.  I tried to explain to her it was okay for some of it to run over her face.  She wasn’t having it. at all.  I mean like trying to baptize a cat wasn’t having it. AT ALL! So after about 10 minutes of her crying for me to stop because she hated it running over her face (not a lot just a little trickle) I decided to stop. I couldn’t take it anymore and she had told me a little before I stopped it didn’t hurt anymore. But I wanted to make sure it was flushed well.  Eyesight is something I don’t mess with and I want my children to be able to cherish.  So after that fiasco she laid back down and woke up from a nap fine.  Praise the Lord!

Anyhow, I was still just wondering “is it Monday still”? After all of that.

Moral of the story–Check out your local library and take advantage of all they have to offer. Trust me it is more than books! And don’t keep perfume from Jr. High. =]

As always-


Mirandaour bookmobile

this was an awesome time consumer there. =]
this was an awesome time consumer there. =]
enjoying his time at the bookmobile also.
enjoying his time at the bookmobile also.

Does your library give you gifts for having a baby? Mine did!
Does your library give you gifts for having a baby? Mine did!

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