Tomato Juice

First things first if you do not own a Kitchen aid mixer invest in one! You will not be sorry! I suggest using Ebates and finding one online.  Sometimes you can hit some great deals AND you’ll earn cash back! Follow the link to Ebates here: . Sometimes if you catch Kohl’s on their sales days using 30% off, getting Kohl’s cash, and using ebates you can catch a pretty awesome steal.

Okay now that I told you how you HAVE to have a Kitchenaid mixer check out my finished product of tomato juice.
click the image if you want to get a good deal from Amazon on a kitchen aide like this one =]

So if you read my post “is it monday still” you will see how late we started to make tomato juice at night.  Like I’ve stated before its a love/hate.  But this canning process, like many of my others, was a first time for this food for me.  And surprisingly a lot less work than I anticipated. Want to know how we did it?  Oh did you catch I said “we”? I might not say it a lot because this time of year until mid December I pretty much see my husband to say goodnight and he’s gone before I am up.  Anyhow WE first washed the tomatoes.  Next we cored them and then quartered them.  After that we placed them in pots and I used a Pampered Chef mix n’ chop to chop them down and squish them.  If you need some Pampered Chef I know a consultant and would love to hook you up with her 🙂 We then cooked them until they boiled.  Continuing to squish them down more and more. You know, mixing and chopping.  Hints mix n’ chop.  Once that was done I already had my kitchen aid juicer attachment placed onto my mixer and we just dumped the tomatoes in there. And out came juice! Easy peasy! After that I returned them to the pots and heated them until boiling again so I could place them into the jars as hot as could be so they could go into the canner safely without busting.  Yes, sadly cans do bust sometimes when placed in the canner or after they have been in there awhile.  Sometimes you have your bands on too tight. Other times your jars may just be wore out from using them multiple times.  Or the more common reason is because your jars and contents of the jars are not hot enough to be placed into boiling water right away.  So trust me when I say make sure the liquid you put into your cans is HOT and you SLOWLY put your cans into your canner. 1 for safety. 2. because you may end of saying a few choice words after all that hardwork, time, and effort put into it.

After we put the juice into the jars and put the lids and rings on we lowered them into the canner.  I then set the timer for 35 and let them boil.

35 minutes, 20 lbs of tomatoes, and a couple hours start to finish of time later the end result is shown above.  Happy canning ya’ll!

finished product
finished product

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