Hello world!

I just want to start out with saying why I am so happy to start blogging!  First things first–I am a mommy to 3 beautiful blessings and life is quite hectic.  Because of that there are many times in life I don’t remember all the little or even big life events that I should.  And quite frankly Facebook is a good tool for me to use at the time, however, with that being said not everything on Facebook I feel I should be seeing or spending my time on.  So I am gradually hoping to revert from it and use it just to keep up with my close friends and family, but using this for most of my memorable moments.  Please bare with my terrible grammar.  I am fully aware that I am not the worlds best speller or English major. =]

Now that that is out of the way I want to begin a little about myself (that is if you care to read this part. If not please feel free to skip it).  I am a 23 year old stay at home wife and mommy.  I wouldn’t change it for the WORLD! Although somedays I do get a little sad at “what could have been” then feel guilty about it, because this is WHAT IS and my life & I do love it!  My oldest child, Olivia, just turned 3 and she is sure proud of that fact.  My middle child, Isabelle, will be 2 in September, and my youngest, Preston, is 4.5 months! So you can see how I am busy and scatterbrained.  I have been married to my loving, supportive, hardworking, handsome husband for going on 3 years this September.  We have been together 6 years as of this May.  So any married veterans feel free to drop us some advice on how to make it all those years and still have it 😉

I am a Christian sinner. =[ I say this because I love my Lord & Savior, but sadly fail him everyday.  Good thing he forgives us =]  I am currently repenting in my Apostolic Christian church with hopes of someday soon being baptized. Oh how I cannot wait =]  If you have questions regarding my faith our my church feel free to email me! I would LOVE to share the love of Christ with you!

Some of my hobbies are: Changing diapers, wiping dirty faces, and laundry. (haha okay so maybe not the changing diapers part–but it comes with the territory so I’ll take it) In all seriousness I enjoy the outdoors, camping, hunting, boating, atv riding, star gazing, canning, sewing, and trying to be crafty.  Baking not so much.  Although I do like to cook.  I enjoy going on trips with my family and making memories (well what I can remember). Unfortunately I think I have some underlying condition that has not yet been diagnosed as my memory is so terrible I have actually seen my doctor for it and was given an MRI.

A few other things–I try to be as “whole” food as possible and try to stay away from chemicals.  No I’m not a “hippie”.  I just simply prefer to make foods that do not come in boxes, and try to stay away from processed foods.  And as far as chemicals I clean with Norwex (just a microfiber cloth and water) Removes 99% of bacteria =] and we use soaps that don’t contain all the yucky chemical ingredients.  Also, I am a mean mommy bear when someone tries to give my children something with artificial sweeteners, MSG, BHT, or tons of food coloring, or POP. UGH how I will let the wrath of God take over someone giving my child pop. It’s an ABSOLUTE NO here. And its 100% juice with NO added ingredients or nothing.  Okay that’s my rant on that.

So that’s just the tip of the iceburg for me.  I hope you continue to check my blog.  I plan to post my canning adventures, as I like to call them.  Events with my children, and just my everyday life.  That is no where near perfect.  May God bless you in this day!



2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. If you figure out that memory problem let me know because I’m sure I have the same thing (I literally can’t remember something that happened 10 minutes ago sometimes.) Unfortunately, I think the problem is Motherhood and or Smartphone.

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    1. What made me go to the doctor was the fact that one day I couldn’t remember isabelle’s middle name. Literally sat down in a chair to think and it finally came to me a while later. Awful mom of the year was then awarded to me. =[


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