Dirty Laundry that’s okay to air online

Dirty laundry has it’s place and the internet certainly isn’t one of them. Unless, of course its cloth diaper dirty laundry. In that case air it all over the place!

I started looking into cloth diapers when I was pregnant with Olivia. Over 3 years ago! And the cloth diapers I chose are still holding up! You might wonder what brand/type/style did I choose. Well, I chose BumGenius All in One Elemental diapers. 3 years ago they had a different Elemental diaper which is now considered the “original” that’s the kind I have. I wish they wouldn’t have changed it, but they did. Anyhow, I will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS recommend BumGenius. After all, they have lasted me 3 years and I do not take care of my cloth diapers like some cloth diapering momma’s do.

Now let me explain. This post is not for the faint of heart or queasy stomachs. If this is you PLEASE go visit some of my other posts =]

I never used a diaper sprayer. I just kind of plopped the poop into the toilet when we had a “dirty” diaper. I wouldn’t even spray it with anything. WHAT?! That’s right, I’m a lazy cloth diaper mom and I do it to save money. Not to keep spending money on diaper sprays and all that other mumbo jumbo they try to sell. Which in my case made cloth diaper researching a scary big deal. And it didn’t have to be. I got so discouraged about how people were saying how easy it was but yet had all these guidelines and instructions to use them. Like hello a disposable you put on and throw away what’s more simple?

Anyhow after I decided to buy a pack of BumGenius Elementals I thought I would “prep” them and then just see if I really needed the other stuff. That way it truly was simple. After 3 years I will recommend a diaper sprayer. It would’ve made life simpler, but we did get along without one.

How I prepped them: I washed them about 3 times before Olivia was born and air dried them each time. I did use a normal detergent like Tide. (which the companies will tell you that you need to use their detergent. Which to me seemed to cost and arm and a leg). So I just used a normal detergent.
Once she was born I waited until her poo was a little bit more firm until I started using them. Then we used them at home and disposables at night and on the go. Same when Isabelle was born. Olivia wore them through potty training! And Izzy is still wearing them and Preston is about to go in them now that he is outgrowing the sizes that a friend of mine let me borrow.

Anyhow I want to encourage people to find the right “fit” for them. So if you think stuffing is the way to go then go right ahead and order some! I’ve used those too and find no faults in them! Just more time consuming to me. I highly recommend a One-Size diaper. Mine go from 8lb-35lb which saves money! And that is a typical size range for One-Sized diapers.

An advantage to cloth diapering is your little on is sure going to have a cute bum. And I personally think it’s okay to splurge for 1 or 2 prints =] I bought 12 diapers to begin with and that was enough for 1 child and laundering every 2-3 days. Then when I put Izzy in them we quickly realized we needed more. So now I have 24! That lasts me a good amount of time. And now that Izzy is just in them by herself until I transition Preston over I go about a whole week without washing. This is where I said the faint of heart and queasy need to not read this post. haha. I know that’s super gross, but she’s half potty trained and poops in the potty so we mainly just have wet diapers that sit. So now that I’ve given you some insight to a lazy momma’s cloth diapering routine want to know what will drive some momma’s crazy? How I care for them. As if letting them sit for one whole week and not rinsing wasn’t enough–I’m sure they will gasp and roll their eyes at this. But hey they aren’t lazy I am. So kudos to you ladies & gents who properly take care of your own. I salute you!

Miranda’s Diapering 101
Norwex laundry detergent curious as to what it is click here

Norwex detergent costs me $0.04/load with hard water and a front load HE Washer

-Melaleuca’s Sol-u-Mel stain fighter (if you’re interested in ordering Melaleuca please comment on her and I will direct you to my Mother-in law who sells it! =]

Bleach..yep I said it-BLEACH!

Alright so I take my basket of dirty diapers and put them into the washer.  I then add Sol-U-Mel into the “pre-wash” compartment.  Next I add 3/4 tsp.

of Norwex Laundry detergent and then fill the “bleach” compartment to the max fill line.  I set my washer on the “heavy duty” cycle and let it go to work.

So do I line dry every time? Nope. Seldom…well actually maybe I have 10 times in the 3 years I’ve used them. I dry them on HIGH. GASP.

So there you have it folks there’s my “incorrect” way to launder cloth diapers and my recommendations for them.  I just wanted to let you know it doesn’t have to be a scary journey researching them. And even not taking care of them “correctly” can still save you money and be a great choice for you! Feel free to comment on here with questions!

As Always,



The Basket

1 capful of Sol-u-Mel in prewash area, 3/4 tsp of Norwex in main wash, bleach to max line in bleach area.
1 capful of Sol-u-Mel in prewash area, 3/4 tsp of Norwex in main wash, bleach to max line in bleach area.
I keep this scoop in the glass jar in the background. That is where my Norwex detergent is.  3 scoops for diapers 1-2 for normal loads. That's $0.02/load or $0.04/load DOESN'T GET CHEAPER!
I keep this scoop in the glass jar in the background. That is where my Norwex detergent is. 3 scoops for diapers 1-2 for normal loads. That’s $0.02/load or $0.04/load DOESN’T GET CHEAPER!
Melaleuca's Sol-u-mel helps rid the smell from diapers too =]
Melaleuca’s Sol-u-mel
helps rid the smell from diapers too =]
right before entering the washer
right before entering the washer
Almost ready  for a fresh weeks worth of clean diapers!
Almost ready for a fresh weeks worth of clean diapers!
I'm thankful for piles of laundry it means my blessings are nearby =]
I’m thankful for piles of laundry it means my blessings are nearby =]
Heavy Duty settings that I use. Then DRY ON HIGH
Heavy Duty settings that I use. Then DRY ON HIGH

Books & Smells

Let me ask you a question. Does your library bring a BUS full of books to YOU? Well, mine does! My awesome county library does not only have 4 libraries in the county-they also have the Bookmobile. BEST THING EVER!! They stop on Wednesday 1 mile from my house at a community park for 1/2 an hour.  Which is getting bumped up to 45 minutes in September. Check out their facebook page.  My girls love it! Don’t get me wrong I love going to our local library too, its just some days its nice to have it so close to home oh and a quick stop =] I dread telling my girls they have to leave the library.  Where with the bookmobile I just say we have to go so they can get to their next stop.  It’s awesome of them to go to different communities and areas.  Especially for kids and adults who cannot get the their local libraries easily, or do not have the transportation. So kudos to you Paulding County Library and the bookmobile! Also thank you for the awesome “baby bag” full of goodies! I appreciate it! (see picture below)

My girls loved playing with the marble races! We also made sure to check out our books and keep our receipts to be entered into a drawing for a prize!

Okay so now that I’ve let you in on my love for our libraries and our little trip there. I will now tell you what happened after.

Once we were home we had some quick time to play outside before naptime.  I then brought all of the kids in and told the girls it was time to take their naps so we could go to Chief after their naps.  They love going to chief because they always get a free cookie there. They are good sized cookies that keep them occupied during the shopping trip.  Well a couple weeks ago Evan found some of my OLD adidas perfume and put in on the girls.  They love getting perfume like mommy does. Although I wear another scent now.  Anyhow he left it in there room.  While I was sitting down starting this blog–that I now am finishing about an hour later. Their room was suspiciously quiet.  For some dumb reason I thought they fell asleep right away. Rather than their normal coming out of their room 928357938274983 times before actually staying in bed.  Then it hit me.  Literally hit me.  This heavy memory.  And I thought why in the world am I remembering that. And I thought I can even remember the smell of that memory. It’s so real. Then it hit me again–wait a minute–I really AM smelling that.  I go into their room to find Olivia in Isabelle’s bed with her dousing her with this perfume.  Ladies and possibly gents–this was no slight smell.   It was Jr. High girl after gym class smell and amount of perfume being spraying in that bedroom.  I took the bottle and told them to go to sleep.  After leaving the room I came back out the computer.  Then……….drumroll please………………..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Screams Olivia. Like I’m dying please save me screams and wails.  Well it didn’t take me more than .0000009 of a second to realize it was in her eye and rushed her into the bathroom to flush out her eye.  She was so distraught she wouldn’t hold still for me to flush it well enough.  I quick called Poison Control.  These people are always super nice and ALWAYS call me back to check. =] Anyhow, he told me I needed to put her into the tub and run water over her head to let it run down her forehead to help flush it out.  So I told Olivia I’m going to have to give you a shower.  She usually loves showers. You know the kind that she looks up to the ceiling and NO water goes over her eyes.  Well clearly that wasn’t going to be the case with shower.  I tried to explain to her it was okay for some of it to run over her face.  She wasn’t having it. at all.  I mean like trying to baptize a cat wasn’t having it. AT ALL! So after about 10 minutes of her crying for me to stop because she hated it running over her face (not a lot just a little trickle) I decided to stop. I couldn’t take it anymore and she had told me a little before I stopped it didn’t hurt anymore. But I wanted to make sure it was flushed well.  Eyesight is something I don’t mess with and I want my children to be able to cherish.  So after that fiasco she laid back down and woke up from a nap fine.  Praise the Lord!

Anyhow, I was still just wondering “is it Monday still”? After all of that.

Moral of the story–Check out your local library and take advantage of all they have to offer. Trust me it is more than books! And don’t keep perfume from Jr. High. =]

As always-


Mirandaour bookmobile

this was an awesome time consumer there. =]
this was an awesome time consumer there. =]
enjoying his time at the bookmobile also.
enjoying his time at the bookmobile also.

Does your library give you gifts for having a baby? Mine did!
Does your library give you gifts for having a baby? Mine did!

Tomato Juice

First things first if you do not own a Kitchen aid mixer invest in one! You will not be sorry! I suggest using Ebates and finding one online.  Sometimes you can hit some great deals AND you’ll earn cash back! Follow the link to Ebates here:  http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=mLMTwCm8KX15IRoOJKgbbA%3D%3D&eeid=26471 . Sometimes if you catch Kohl’s on their sales days using 30% off, getting Kohl’s cash, and using ebates you can catch a pretty awesome steal.

Okay now that I told you how you HAVE to have a Kitchenaid mixer check out my finished product of tomato juice.
click the image if you want to get a good deal from Amazon on a kitchen aide like this one =]

So if you read my post “is it monday still” you will see how late we started to make tomato juice at night.  Like I’ve stated before its a love/hate.  But this canning process, like many of my others, was a first time for this food for me.  And surprisingly a lot less work than I anticipated. Want to know how we did it?  Oh did you catch I said “we”? I might not say it a lot because this time of year until mid December I pretty much see my husband to say goodnight and he’s gone before I am up.  Anyhow WE first washed the tomatoes.  Next we cored them and then quartered them.  After that we placed them in pots and I used a Pampered Chef mix n’ chop to chop them down and squish them.  If you need some Pampered Chef I know a consultant and would love to hook you up with her 🙂 We then cooked them until they boiled.  Continuing to squish them down more and more. You know, mixing and chopping.  Hints mix n’ chop.  Once that was done I already had my kitchen aid juicer attachment placed onto my mixer and we just dumped the tomatoes in there. And out came juice! Easy peasy! After that I returned them to the pots and heated them until boiling again so I could place them into the jars as hot as could be so they could go into the canner safely without busting.  Yes, sadly cans do bust sometimes when placed in the canner or after they have been in there awhile.  Sometimes you have your bands on too tight. Other times your jars may just be wore out from using them multiple times.  Or the more common reason is because your jars and contents of the jars are not hot enough to be placed into boiling water right away.  So trust me when I say make sure the liquid you put into your cans is HOT and you SLOWLY put your cans into your canner. 1 for safety. 2. because you may end of saying a few choice words after all that hardwork, time, and effort put into it.

After we put the juice into the jars and put the lids and rings on we lowered them into the canner.  I then set the timer for 35 and let them boil.

35 minutes, 20 lbs of tomatoes, and a couple hours start to finish of time later the end result is shown above.  Happy canning ya’ll!

finished product
finished product

Is today Monday still?

1 whole weeks worth of laundry for a family of 5.
1 whole weeks worth of laundry for a family of 5.
I climbed that mountain and came out on top! Next step getting it put away....psh yeah right. Maybe getting it to the rooms instead.
I climbed that mountain and came out on top! Next step getting it put away….psh yeah right. Maybe getting it to the rooms instead.
Olivia says “get down you can’t do that yet, you’re too little”.
Instead of where's Waldo does anyone want to play where's Isabelle?
Instead of where’s Waldo does anyone want to play where’s Isabelle?
Oh, there she is! Good game.  Now where's that phone?
Oh, there she is! Good game. Now where’s that phone?
She did not want her picture. haha. But mommy got one anyhow of her using all my post it notes for O's
She did not want her picture. haha. But mommy got one anyhow of her using all my post it notes for O’s

Okay so Mondays usually begin with me waking up and immediately starting laundry. So yesterday that is exactly what I did. I got about 4 loads in and was messing around with starting up my blog when the hubby stopped in.  He usually doesn’t come home during the day, but he needed to change before going to pick up some more parts for his business.  Well as I am sitting in sweats, hair down, kids just put into their beds for nap he proceeds to tell me to finish getting ready because I am going with him.  I told him how I had too much to do and I didn’t want to ride with him to just go get parts a little over an hour away.  I was still determined to not go until he said I will take you out to eat. I immediately replied, “okay!” and then finished getting myself ready.  The girl’s went to “maw maw Cheryl’s” and we took Preston with us.  I guess as a farmers wife/agriculture business owner you have to take dates as they come even if they are trips to get parts. 😉 After picking up the parts we went to Texas Roadhouse and filled up on bread and salad, barely touching our main course when it came.  Because who wants to spend over $40 on a meal for 2 without having left overs? That’s how we roll haha. Don’t deny you either think it or actually do it to! Shout out to all the carb lovers!  We then came back and I picked up the girls.  This was after 9! Which is past bedtime, so I’m sure any mother of toddlers knows how a bedtime routine goes and if it goes past bedtime how awful it can become.  We had a bit of a struggle to get them to sleep, but when we finally did it was time to get to work….Canning tomatoes. Make sure you check out my “canning adventures” page to see some of my other canning items! So my Monday didn’t go as planned and ran really late.  So my Laundry day wasn’t so much of a laundry day which left the pile of clothes left you see in this post.  A whopping weeks worth of laundry for a family of 5!  So guess how I get to be “super mom” and get all that folded and organized? Why not let one kid use post-it notes to write her name, the other to terrorize a toyroom and one to get frustrated because he’s attempting to crawl and can’t.  We jammed out to the 102 Bible songs Vol. 1 CD. And then Olivia proceeded to tell me who taught her each of the songs that were played. haha. Some were Carla (a friend of hers from church) others were mother-in-law more commonly known as “maw maw Cheryl”, and my self.

I told how I would talk about laughs, tears, and tantrums.  Well we just had a tantrum by Olivia by me taking the computer chair to write this blog post.  And now she is laughing at Isabelle looking for her play phone in the toy room.  Who knows where it could be in that sea of mess.  If anyone has any tips as to how to get your children to pick up after themselves PLEASE give me your tips!  We have tried taking things away, time outs, bribes, chores, awards.  It doesn’t work.

Anyhow, not sure how often I will post to this so I guess keep checking back regularly! I just wanted to say, “is it Monday still”? with all the laundry and the way has felt.  Also, ladies- give up the clean house attempt.  I am NOT going to be afraid to show my REAL home. Mess and all. So for the faint of heart you may want to avoid future posts!

As always–



Hello world!

I just want to start out with saying why I am so happy to start blogging!  First things first–I am a mommy to 3 beautiful blessings and life is quite hectic.  Because of that there are many times in life I don’t remember all the little or even big life events that I should.  And quite frankly Facebook is a good tool for me to use at the time, however, with that being said not everything on Facebook I feel I should be seeing or spending my time on.  So I am gradually hoping to revert from it and use it just to keep up with my close friends and family, but using this for most of my memorable moments.  Please bare with my terrible grammar.  I am fully aware that I am not the worlds best speller or English major. =]

Now that that is out of the way I want to begin a little about myself (that is if you care to read this part. If not please feel free to skip it).  I am a 23 year old stay at home wife and mommy.  I wouldn’t change it for the WORLD! Although somedays I do get a little sad at “what could have been” then feel guilty about it, because this is WHAT IS and my life & I do love it!  My oldest child, Olivia, just turned 3 and she is sure proud of that fact.  My middle child, Isabelle, will be 2 in September, and my youngest, Preston, is 4.5 months! So you can see how I am busy and scatterbrained.  I have been married to my loving, supportive, hardworking, handsome husband for going on 3 years this September.  We have been together 6 years as of this May.  So any married veterans feel free to drop us some advice on how to make it all those years and still have it 😉

I am a Christian sinner. =[ I say this because I love my Lord & Savior, but sadly fail him everyday.  Good thing he forgives us =]  I am currently repenting in my Apostolic Christian church with hopes of someday soon being baptized. Oh how I cannot wait =]  If you have questions regarding my faith our my church feel free to email me! I would LOVE to share the love of Christ with you!

Some of my hobbies are: Changing diapers, wiping dirty faces, and laundry. (haha okay so maybe not the changing diapers part–but it comes with the territory so I’ll take it) In all seriousness I enjoy the outdoors, camping, hunting, boating, atv riding, star gazing, canning, sewing, and trying to be crafty.  Baking not so much.  Although I do like to cook.  I enjoy going on trips with my family and making memories (well what I can remember). Unfortunately I think I have some underlying condition that has not yet been diagnosed as my memory is so terrible I have actually seen my doctor for it and was given an MRI.

A few other things–I try to be as “whole” food as possible and try to stay away from chemicals.  No I’m not a “hippie”.  I just simply prefer to make foods that do not come in boxes, and try to stay away from processed foods.  And as far as chemicals I clean with Norwex (just a microfiber cloth and water) Removes 99% of bacteria =] and we use soaps that don’t contain all the yucky chemical ingredients.  Also, I am a mean mommy bear when someone tries to give my children something with artificial sweeteners, MSG, BHT, or tons of food coloring, or POP. UGH how I will let the wrath of God take over someone giving my child pop. It’s an ABSOLUTE NO here. And its 100% juice with NO added ingredients or nothing.  Okay that’s my rant on that.

So that’s just the tip of the iceburg for me.  I hope you continue to check my blog.  I plan to post my canning adventures, as I like to call them.  Events with my children, and just my everyday life.  That is no where near perfect.  May God bless you in this day!