Ground floor opportunity

So if you were like me you’ve bounced around from one direct sales company to the next trying to find the best one. While I won’t argue, I am a direct sales addict, it was hard to find a perfect fit. I gave up and was in direct sale limbo for awhile. Then last year I searched for a ground floor opportunity. I somehow caught a glimpse of someone’s “be a founding member” post. When there was under 80 consultants! I quick checked into it and the kit was $29. I thought what’s a girl to lose? NOTHING! If it doesn’t work out I got some awesome products at a great price. So I took a leap of faith and signed up. I was consultant number 1177 (77th!) like I couldn’t believe I became one of those girls who got in so early. I quickly started posting to Amy buy/sell/trade group, direct sales groups, and my personal page. I set up a Facebook business page next. You know where that got me? To TEAM LEADER in 2 Days!! Before my kit even came in the mail. I was one awe. Do you realize how many months I worked another DS company to get just ONE team member? I worked one really hard couple week and I grew a team of like 15 (from my memory) in about 2 weeks!


My CEO would talk to me personally and comment on my Facebook. What other company does that?! I loved the family atmosphere it had! My last post was the day I joined. I’ve been eagerly waiting until now to post my success with this company. We are still less than 400 US consultants (we are also in Australia). Guess how many of those consultants are on MY team? 165! I have made so many friendships it has truly been a blessing. I am now a Director and so close to Senior Director with the company! I also have girls under me who are directors! It has been a fun ride. And I LOVE getting to spoil myself with our products.

Oh side note——ALL of our products are HANDMADE!!!! So that makes us super unique!

So if you’re looking for a #groundflooropportunity #familyatmosphere #newdirectsales company follow This link and check out all of our products/kits (free, $29, & $99) and get ahold of me if you need any help. I would LOVE to have you on my growing team and see YOU at the top of the company too! At this point in the game it’s so easy to grow a team! God bless and have a great day!

#plumeriabath #handmadegetpaid #loveyourtub


Direct sales opportunity

Are you in direct sales or interested in them? I have been the last few years. I’ve enjoyed it, but I’ve managed to get into the big direct sales companies where it’s hard to get to the top. Recently I’ve searched for a company that I like the products with and one that’s ground floor. I am now a founding consultant for Plumeria. We are a natural bath and body product MLM company. I am looking to grow my team. We currently have less than 80 consultants! How crazy is that?! Imagine if you would’ve been one of the first 100 in Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Tupperware, etc. did you know most women who make over $100,000/yr income work in direct sales? Do you want to be a stay at home mom and still help pay bills? Work hours that YOU choose? You are essentially your own boss and an entrepreneur. You can join Plumeria for as little as $29! You can do in home and Facebook parties! Can’t beat making money and not even leaving the house. My goal is to have at least one consultant on my team in each state in the US. If any of the above mentioned sounds good to you don’t miss this rare opportunity to join a MLM company at a ground floor level with us about to explode in growth. Join my team at first 10 to join by December 31st will be entered to win a CASH prize! It’s a win/win all around. 

Are we there yet?

Hi everyone!

Wow a lot has happened since my last post. Along with getting over hand foot and mouth from previous post my children also got chicken pox. We managed. But that was a long month and a half. Isabelle has started gymnastics and just like her big sister she loves it. 

In other news the weather here has been nice lately. Especially for November. Still not a big fan of the time change, but I’ll manage. 

Some of my favorite things right now are the little kicks of Schlatter baby #4 and my instant pot. Seriously you NEED an instant pot. Maybe some day soon I’ll make a post if my instant pot adventures. 

Anyhow I labeled my post are we there yet because this week needs to end quick. Yesterday I found out one of my grandpas is in the hospital again for heart issues, I have a doctor appointment, a Sole Hope party, and a massage. I have to manage to grocery shop, take my kids to church alone, clean my house, and somehow stay sane. 

I will also make another post about sole hope. It seems pretty awesome. Some friends and family are going to begin to make shoes for children in Uganda. This really tugs on my heart for a specific reason which I hope I can share with you soon. However my timing, my husbands timing, and God’s timing are all different. Visit and check out what they are all about. I’m sure if you had your own sole hope party you’d have a great time!  Anyhow let me know if you’ve stopped by. Want to hear how you all are and what you’ve been up to :). 

Booster seats and diseases

Hello all! 

I really need to get better at writing on here. Since the last post I have taken a fast paced EMT course. I worked hard, stayed up late reading and studying, and I PASSED. The NREMT was a bear to take, but I made it and now a nationally registered EMT basic that is licensed in Ohio. I’m super excited. I have been on one run so far. Would have been more but,,,,,,,,,,,,,hand foot and mouth has hit our household. ūüė¶ while I feel my children have gotten the more mild cases, it’s still a nasty virus. Let me run you through how our previous week has been. Last Saturday early A.M I think around 1 A.M I awoke to Preston with stridor again. If you don’t know what stridor is it is a high pitched wheezing noise that is made from your airway swelling shut. I woke Evan up and said here we go again and I rushed him off to the ER. Praise be to God this time it wasn’t as bad as last time or worse than last time. This time he only received one shot and one breathing treatment and was sent home, but still a super scary moment. A few days later I finally convinced Evan to go to the ER to have his chest pain of 4 days to be checked out. Thankfully again it turned out to be benign. The next night I held Isabelle right before bed and she felt warm. While I talked to her I noticed a spot on her tongue. I proceeded to ask her to open up and say “ahh” she did. And I got a nice view of white patches in her cheeks and sores in the back of her throat. Oh no I thought. I called “call a nurse” from a hospital a county a way. I love that service. So helpful. She informed me it was probably strep and to monitor the fever and get her into the doctor within 24 hours. Well I’m a paranoid mother and I worried she had the fever and spots earlier that day and I just hadn’t noticed and I was worried I wouldn’t get into the doctor office the next morning anyhow so off the the ER we went. The tested her for strep which was negative.  Which was good, but by this time I noticed another symptom. A spot on her lip. I asked if it was hand foot and mouth and the ER Doctor said possibly but I would just have to wait and see. Sure enough the next day she had more spots. Now I’m really concerned. This virus is ridiculously contagious and for a long time to boot. 7-10 days your child can be contagious. And of course I knew each of my kids wouldn’t get it at the exact same time. I figured we’d be contagious 3 weeks with how it would stairsstep between them. Well here we are on a Monday from a previous Wednesday and I still see new sores on Isabelle’s feet. Eventually there will be light at the end of the tunnel I just don’t have a glimpse of it yet. Thankfully all of the kids have ate and drank fine even with the mouth sores. Other children aren’t as lucky. I’ve heard from others their children couldn’t eat or drink. Poor babies. I did however give them each seperate baths every night of the following:

  • Bentonite clay
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Epsom salt
  • Coconut oil
  • Thieves essential oil 
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Tea tree essential oil 
  • Purification essential oil
  • Frankincense essential oil

That’s the only things I have done and I’m wondering if that didn’t take away the pain factor. As it didn’t take away the sores or stop them, they look like they should be painful but they aren’t to them. 
I am hoping and praying for them to it be contagious and back to normal ASAP. Poor Olivia spent her 4th birthday today with this nasty disease. To try and make her day better, since I couldn’t have her party I moved car seats and set up her booster seat and we all had a picnic with daddy while he was working. She loves being able to be in a booster seat now. And she’s so thrilled to be 4! My babies are growing too fast. 

On another note my quail started laying eggs yesterday. I can eat them without feeling sick!!! I haven’t been able to eat eggs in like 1.5-2yrs! And I love eggs! I also did some research on the quail egg cure. Seriously look into it! Each of my kids had a raw quail egg in OJ for breakfast this morning and loved it. I’m hoping it will help heal them quicker. And before you judge me for giving my children raw quail eggs they don’t carry salmonella and the research behind consuming raw quail eggs is baffling. Seriously google it. You’ll want to try it! Anyhow that’s our life right now! Hope to update you soon with more exciting news that involves happy healthy news! God bless you! And go wash your hands after reading this–hand foot and mouth is terribly contagious. Haha

Fire drill

As a parent one of the things you become most proud about is the good things that you teach your children that stick. I’m so glad Olivia can tell about some Bible stories already. Yes they learn some bad behabior unfortunately, but when they take the good and run with it-it is an awesome feeling. Last week for home school our PE/health assignments were fire safety. We did fire drills here at home. Well today I did a surprise smoke detector test and they all remembered what to do! Preston even took off running for the door! Anyhow, just wanted to share a tid bit for why I’m so proud and blessed today! Enjoy the weather today!


Honeymoon Pictures

img_2118line at customs at the Cancun airportimg_2121ng on our room

img_2123this was a beautiful waterfall in the background, unfortunately not a great picture of it

we stayed and Ocean Maya Royale Riveria Maya.¬† We plan to go back…hopefully next year =]

img_2144These creatures were all over down there along with some deer and raccoons. These guys were called Coaties (spelling?)img_2145Evan didn’t find the hammocks as comfortable as I did. hahaimg_2146-1img_2124-1Iguanaimg_2147-1This was a lagoon from a river that emptied into the ocean about a 20 minute beach walk from our hotel.¬† IT was BEAUTIFUL.¬† Once again, pictures do no justice for this place. Evan also talked to a pilot from Spain in this lagoon.¬† It’s crazy who you meet.img_2148-1Dinner at the fancy restaurant “Blue Moon”.img_2140Love this manimg_2141

This is a picture I took underwater at the lagoonmirandas phone 206mirandas phone 207Right in the door to Tulum. This guide in the yellow shirt plays¬†Olympic Water Polo. He told us he played in the Toronto 2014 Olympics.¬† He was our driver and tour guide for alltournative toursmirandas phone 208Mayan ruinsmirandas phone 209We were told these ruins used to be painted.¬† You probably can’t see in the picture but there are red flakes left on this ruinmirandas phone 210Tulum is in the top 20 beaches in the world. Sadly it was too windy for us to be allowed to walk the beach that day.mirandas phone 211From here on our please ignore our faces and focus on the backgrounds. hahamirandas phone 212mirandas phone 222mirandas phone 223mirandas phone 224mirandas phone 225mirandas phone 226mirandas phone 227mirandas phone 228mirandas phone 229mirandas phone 230mirandas phone 231mirandas phone 232mirandas phone 240mirandas phone 243mirandas phone 244mirandas phone 245mirandas phone 246Last night Pier¬†stop before we left. Want to know what happened? Walked clear to the end and a CROCODILE quickly SWAM into the water.¬† He was resting on some rocks RIGHT AT THE END of the pier. We were a little scared at first, but Evan wanted to give me a hug and I simply stated, “NOPE! I’m DONE” And quickly walked off of the pier and back onto the hotel grounds. I was NOT going to be crocodile soup a few hours before returning to my children.¬† It was a lovely view and the sound of the waves were relaxing…..for the mere 10 seconds we were at the end of the pier until the crocodile decided to ruin that. With that being said STILL GO!

mirandas phone 247

Have you tried to go offline?

¬†Hello everyone! Sorry I’m hit and miss on this blog (not that anyone is actually reading it).¬† Anyhow,¬† I recently decided to get rid of my Facebook and have tried to be as offline as possible.¬† With the exception of Pinterest.¬† I mean I need crafty things to do and recipes now that I’m not attached to my¬† phone. =]

Let me recap on some things that has happened since the last post.¬† The girls and I have been starting all sorts of different seeds indoors.¬† And they LOVE to do that.¬† Hopefully they will enjoy the rest of the work gardening also.¬† We also recently got 14 chickens and 7 ducks.¬† We have lost 1 chicken and I had to save another. The girls LOVE them.¬† We bought¬† each girl a chicken harness for when the birds are big enough. haha. I am hoping to obtain some eggs that my stomach can handle.¬† At the moment store bought eggs make me feel very sick to my stomach for an entire day when I eat them.¬† I am wondering if it isn’t the corn or soy that’s used in the feed.¬† Because of this I mixed up my own feed from a mix recipe I found on Pinterest.¬† It contains sunflower seeds, flax seeds, barley, wheat, oats, and crushed oyster shells.¬† All the birds seem to enjoy this.¬† It’s a tad bit more pricey, but not too much.¬† We are also in the market for quail to raise for eggs.¬† Just need to find some at a reasonable price in our area.

Another thing that’s happened is Evan and I decided to finally take our real honeymoon that we never took.¬† Sure it’s a few years late, but who cares?! It was much needed and amazing.¬† We went to the Riviera Maya in Mexico.¬† The first couple days were really windy, but we could still enjoy being outside.¬† It was in the mid-upper 80s the whole time. =]¬† We missed the kids immensely, but it was good for us and the kids to have some space from each other.¬† The Riviera Maya has INCREDIBLE sights to see (I will post pictures on another post later for you to see).¬† We did a tour with¬†alltournative tours and went to Tulum where some Mayan ruins were and also into the Jungle for some zip lining, repelling, and snorkeling in a cenote.¬† Cenotes are like caves with rivers running through them.¬† Fresh water.¬† Absolutely stunning.¬† It just so happened that some National Geographic people were there (National Geographic endorses this tour) scuba diving while we snorkeled.¬† Tulum is in the top 20 beaches of the world!¬† ABSOLUTELY STUNNING falls short of describing it. Same as with the Jungle and the Cenotes. I wish I could’ve gotten pictures from there.¬† I did take a GoPro, but realized on the first zip line it was dead =[.¬† They did have photographers there but they wanted $25 per 5×7 picture and $70 for a USB.¬† They wouldn’t bargain, and we had already went over budget on our trip so we opted out =[.¬† We do plan to go back to the area in the future, so maybe I can get some pictures then!¬† I highly recommend using alltournative tours and taking the Tulum/Jungle Maya tour!

Moving on to some other things:¬† I still homeschool preschool Olivia, but I’ve switched to Easy Peasy All in One homeschool and still do some workbook stuff here.¬† Isabelle just wasn’t as interested in the workbooks so I looked into something different.¬† Easy Peasy is exactly that.¬† check it out for your kids!¬† We just finished day 6.¬† You literally have nothing to worry about.¬† It’s free, all the assignments are linked for you, it shows what to do for each day, and it goes from Preschool-High school.¬† And my favorite is that you can incorporate the bible.¬† ALSO…………it has ART, PE, and MUSIC! S you don’t have to come up with those curriculums yourself.¬† HIGHLY recommend them. The woman who started it lives in Pennsylvania and they have one of the strictest homeschool laws, so you will be sure your children are doing more than probably needed and you won’t be short on anything!

Now onto the kids:

Olivia: still a huge sweet heart who enjoys learning.  I babysit once a week now for 2 girls ages 5 and 1.5.  She loves when they come over and they play.  She also really loves to go to the library and play on the computers

Isabelle:¬† Still as ornery as ever.¬† Wants to win everything.¬† Now at every meal the girls race to see who wins drinking all their drink, and eating their food.¬† Guess that’s one way to make sure they eat all of their food =]¬† She also enjoys when her friends come to play.¬† And she’s really wanting to get into Sunday school (she still has about 2 years) haha

Preston:¬† A few weeks back ended up in the hospital.¬† I woke up to him coughing/choking.¬† Got out of bed to check on him and he seemed fine. As soon as I laid back in bed I heard him start to gasp.¬† I ran to get him out. Checked him over, ripped his sleeper open and grabbed my stethoscope.¬† It was like he couldn’t catch his breath but he wasn’t coughing.¬† About 30 seconds in he coughed and seemed okay for maybe another 30 seconds, but by this time Evan was holding him and I was getting dressed to take him to the ER (as in putting on a bra) This was about 12:35am on the Saturday after his 1st birthday.¬† Then he started to wheeze bad and his chest began retracting.¬† At this point I began to freak out even more.¬† I told Evan I was calling his mom and picking her up to ride along with me because God forbid I would have to perform CPR on my own child-I still needed someone to drive to the hospital.¬† (side note): I live close enough to a hospital it would not have been worth it for the 5 minutes in calling 911 and them to dispatch then the 15-20 minutes for the squad to come and the 15-18minute rush via ambulance to the hospital. Instead I chose to take him myself.¬† I tried to use Siri on my phone to get the number for the hospital to call and let them know but of course, the first time my phone won’t use 3G in that area was then.¬† So I used my trusty OnStar.¬† They were wonderful.¬† They called the hospital for me, stayed on the line with me kept asking how he was doing, and directed us where we needed to go (even though I already knew how to get to the hospital).¬† Once we pulled up to the ER drop off there was a nurse already waiting for me.¬† They immediately gave him a breathing treatment and started and IV to give steroids.¬† I was scared. Oh so scared, but still had a feeling of peace.¬† Like he was going to be okay.¬† Thank God he was.¬† All praise to him.¬† They called it sporadic croup.¬† Not sure what caused it because he was not sick and tested negative for RSV.¬† He was admitted at 4 am and discharged Sunday afternoon. So I consider staying 2 nights.¬† Since we went in on my “Friday” night and got home Sunday.¬† Anyhow that has been his only episode and I hope it never happens again.¬† So besides turning the BIG 1, that’s been Preston’s eventful news.

So like the title of this blog post: Have you tried to go offline? If you have let me know. Tell me why, how well it worked, and how you felt.¬† Have you went back?¬† I’ve enjoyed being off of Facebook really.¬† I kind of miss seeing the happy news on there.¬† But honestly there wasn’t much of that.¬† It’s really refreshing to me.¬† I’m spending more time with my kids.¬† I would say I’m staying on top of the house, but since we went on our trip I’m still pretty behind, but hopefully I will be able to stay on top of it! =]

God Bless and enjoy your day,